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My institution is tax-exempt, will I see tax charge on my order?


No, we do not charge tax.

How can I order through the store?


Go to each individual item in the store tab and click on the amount of the item you want then click "add to bag". Then click "checkout" when you are done selecting items to purchase.


Why are some items limited in the number I can purchase?

According to NACURH Policy Book and NRHH Policy Book, some items, like Bronze Pins and Outstanding Leadership and Service Pins, are limited to the number of regions in NACURH. Each affiliation year (NACURH Annual Conference to NACURH Annual Conference), you can order as many as there are regions. Eight (8) is the current number of regions within NACURH. 

What can I buy if I am not affiliated?

If you are not affiliated, you cannot purchase materials in the Affilated Materials catergory. All the other catergories are available to anyone to order.

What do I do if lost my membership pins or recognition pins?


If you lost pins, do not worry! You can purchase replacement materials from us. Please email us at with your name, pins you are interested in purchasing and the contact information for an advisor or professional staff member who can verify that you received the pins initially. 

How do I affiliate?

You may affiliate by working with your host region and the NACURH Information Center. Visit for more information. 

Do you take cards for payment?

Yes, we do take credit cards. We process all transactions through this online store. If you have specific questions or need an invoice, please contact us at

How long does it take once I purchase items for them to be shipped?

We ship items biweekly. During this time, we utilize the USPS. It may take 10-12 days for us to process and ship your order. Once handed off to the USPS, packages will ship according to USPS timetables. If you are unable to receive USPS at your campus, please notify us and we will go through another carrier. Additionally, we will share the tracking information with you for your package if you would like. Please leave us a note in your order payment or email us questions. If you are ordering products internationally, we need 2-3 weeks to process and ship your order. International orders take longer to ship than domestic orders. 

What can I buy from the NCO?

Please see the STORE tab for all of our mercahndise.

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